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Full Moon Pantry Collection

Fill your cupboards with high-functioning health staples and create deliciously potent concoctions from your home kitchen. The Moon Pantry is a system of high-functioning, bio-available, whole foods—the building blocks of your modern pantry.

The Full Moon Pantry Collection includes 21 items at a reduced price:

Bee Pollen (5.9oz), Probiotics (3.2oz), Cacao Nibs (7.5oz), Cacao Powder (8oz), Lucuma (6.1oz), Maca (11oz), Mucuna Pruriens (6oz), Mesquite (9.6oz), Tocotrienols (4.5oz), Ashwagandha (4.8oz), Chaga (3.2oz), Cordyceps (3.4oz), Ho Shu Wu (3oz), Pearl (2.5oz) , Reishi (2.2oz), Schisandra Berry (2.3oz), Blue Adaptogen Protein (20oz), Deep Chocolate Protein (20oz), Vanilla Mushroom Protein (20oz), Pink Salt (10.8oz), Almond Butter (9.5oz)


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