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What’s the difference between your juice and other juices?

Moon Juice is made by hydraulically cold pressing organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs into mystical concoctions, eliminating heat and oxidization. The result is the most nutrient dense juice around, loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements. One bottle of Moon Juice is the closest thing you’re going to get to 3 pounds of raw, organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Our juices will always be truly organic. In order for your body to heal and return to its original, vibrant state - inside and out - it’s imperative to eliminate toxins and pesticides from your diet.

Every product we make is lovingly crafted and produced by hand in small batches. Amanda is still in the kitchen every day, developing new creations and tasting each batch of juice produced.

Do these juices, milks, tonics and foods mix well with my lifestyle that includes animal products, alcohol, and various “party favors”?

Yes, absolutely! Moon Juice products will enhance your vitality and well-being no matter your current diet or lifestyle.

You don’t need to exclude anything to reap the benefits, but we have a sneaking suspicion that once you begin to include these products you may naturally be inclined to swap out some live plant foods for the regular.

Why do you use plastic bottles?

All Moon Juice products are made and packaged with the highest big-picture environmental consideration. We’re always striving to serve our juices and milks in the best bottle possible, given all environmental factors.

Studies have shown that producing PET containers actually generates less greenhouse emissions and uses less energy than producing glass. Where a glass bottle produces 6 oz. of CO2, a plastic bottle produces only 1 oz. of CO2. Moreover, a single ton of plastic makes many more bottles than glass, since plastic weighs less.

We use a recyclable plastic bottle that transmits no known chemicals suspected to cause disease or disrupt hormones into your food.

We’re striving towards a better juice bottle, and ideally will be able to offer a glass bottle through a depot system once we have access to temperature sterilization. Most depot systems make use of bleach for sterilization, leaving a chemical residue that is transferred into the contents of the bottle when it is next refilled.

We use PLA, biocompostable material everywhere possible with packaging, save for the juice and milk bottles. And all our cleaning supplies, from our shops to our kitchen, are non-toxic, including the green soaps and sanitizers we use to do everything from wash the juice press bags to mop the floor.

How long will Moon Juice last?

With proper refrigeration, Moon Juice will maintain its nutritional stability and crisp taste for 72 hours after being pressed. It is cold pressed in small batches early each morning, 7 days a week, (closed only on Christmas Day). This ensures that you receive juice made that day, with the highest possible nutrient bioavailability.

Does Moon Juice sell gift cards?

Yes. Purchase Here.

Does Moon Juice deliver?

Same-day local delivery is available in Los Angeles via Postmates. Check our Visit Us page to find a store near you for Postmates delivery. Visit our Ordering & Delivery page for more information about national and international shipping or contact us directly for questions.

Does Moon Juice ship internationally?

We currently ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the U.K. We plan to expand international shipping in the near future.

How do you choose your sources for produce, retail, etc.?

We source every ingredient and product we sell from the very best in the world. Our produce comes from certified organic farmers that are local whenever possible.

Products in the Apothecary are curated by Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon for quality, potency, and authenticity. Amanda has hand-selected each of these products from her own personal use, ensuring a tried-and-truly tested level of efficacy.

I've heard you shouldn't mix fruits and veggies, but many of the juices do. Are those hard on my system?

We adhere to standard food combining rules of thumb for our juices: Apple can be combined with anything, as can leafy greens, including celery.

How do I cleanse?

Click here to view The Moon Juice Cleanse Basics PDF.

How does our Cold Pressure Method affect the nutrient value of juices and Moon Milks available for national shipping?

Our Cold Pressure Method allows us to extend "best by" dates, without impacting the taste or nutritional value. We use the best locally sourced organic produce, cold press in small batches and apply our Cold Pressure Method that same day.

Is Cold Pressure better than other methods?

Yes, because other methods to extend "best by" dates of juice involve using high heat, which impacts the taste, reduces the nutritional value and deactivates all enzyme activity.

Does our Cold Pressure Method have any negative consequences for the environment?

Our Cold Pressure Method is environmentally-friendly and was specifically developed with sustainability in mind.

Where does our Cold Pressure Method take place?

Right here in Los Angeles, ensuring our raw juices and Moon Milks are cold pressured when they're as fresh as possible.

What is the impact of our Cold Pressure Method on 'best by' date?

Our single-press juices and Moon Milks "best by" dates range between 3-4 days. Our cold pressured juices and Moon Milks last for approximately 20 days.