• The Moon Dust Collection

    The Moon Dust Collection

    Transformative formulas alchemized with the most potent organic wildcrafted herbs, adaptogenic plants and bioactive minerals available.

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  • Explore Cosmic Provisions

    Explore Cosmic Provisions

    Nutrient dense raw foods for snacking and feasting. Just a handful may fulfill your body’s wildest cravings.

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  • New Moon Pantry Starter Kit

    New Moon Pantry Starter Kit

    Six pantry staples for any high functioning kitchen. Three exclusive recipes included to get you started on a path to endless culinary creativity.

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  • Cleanse With Us

    Cleanse With Us

    Juice cleansing enables the body to naturally detox while flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes.

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  • Sex Dust Ice Cream

    How Do You #CookCosmic?

    Sex Dust Ice Cream, Activated Almond Flour Wafers, Coconut Lucuma Coins and more! Find a recipe that inspires you to explore the boundless universe of plant-sourced alchemy.

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