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Love's Totality

Merge with us completely. 18 items from the Moon Pantry and all three plant proteins.

Includes a free jar of Sex Dust and a Moon Tote.

Sex Dust (1.5oz), Bee Pollen (5.9oz), Probiotics (3.2oz), Cacao Nibs (7.5oz), Cacao Powder (8oz), Lucuma (6.1oz), Maca (11oz), Mucuna Pruriens (6oz), Mesquite (9.6oz), Tocotrienols (4.5oz), Ashwagandha (4.8oz), Chaga (3.2oz), Cordyceps (3.4oz), Ho Shu Wu (3oz), Pearl (2.5oz), Reishi (2.2oz), Schisandra Berry (2.3oz), Blue Adaptogen Protein (20oz), Deep Chocolate Protein (20oz), Vanilla Mushroom Protein (20oz), Pink Salt (10.8oz), Almond Butter (9.5oz), Moon Tote



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