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These foods and potions help to balance your body’s pH, promoting healthy skin, immunity, and help to make your body an inhospitable environment for disease.

Beauty food

These foods and potions promote glowing skin, eyes, and hair, stimulating cellular restoration, preservation, and longevity.


These foods and potions stimulate libido and awaken your body, heart and mind’s most sensual inclinations.

Brain activator

These foods and potions feed your brain with necessary fatty acids and nutrients that promote memory, focus, and clarity.


Foods or potions that cleanse the gut, organs, blood and lymphatic system of toxic accumulations.

Digestive aid

These foods and potions stimulate digestion, cleansing , soothe tummy troubles, and promote intestinal health.

Energy food

These foods and potions deliver a supercharged dose of sustainable energy for mental, physical, and spiritual vitality.

Immunity food

These foods and potions support your immune system by stimulating and supplementing your body’s inherent disease and infection fighting properties.

Inflammation tamer

These foods and potions decrease inflammation in joints, tissues, and organs, contributing to overall balance and longevity.

Joy promoter

These are foods that elevate your mood and promote feel-good vibrations that entwine body, mind, and spirit

Thyroid & hormone balancer

Foods that support the glands that produce and regulate hormones, helping to balance mood, weight, and vitality. These adaptogens are generally mild but persistent and effective; they may be taken over long periods for overall health.


These foods and potions contain less than 3 grams of sugar per serving, making them appropriate for a low-glycemic, low-sugar, or anti-candida diet.

Metabolism Booster

Metabolism is the process your body uses to convert food into energy, and these foods will up your metabolic rate for weight management and muscle retention.

Mineralizes deeply

The most effective way to get minerals is through plant sources that take inassimilable minerals found in the soil and ocean and put them into a form that the body can absorb and use. These foods sink into your body to build bone and tooth strength, nourish the skin and brain, calm the nerves, and balance acidity.

Plant protein

These foods and potions feed muscles, tissues, and organs with essential amino acids and proteins for lasting energy, focus, and strength.


Foods that deliver the good microbes into your gut, supporting your immune system, protecting you from disease, detoxifying your body, giving you glowing clear skin and white eyes, keeping you slim, and clearing brain fog.

Stress reliever

These foods and potions act as nervine tonics, soothing your nervous system and helping to restore your body and mind to their natural states of well-being.