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Cilantro Celery Punch

Celery*, green apple*, cilantro*, ginger* and lemon* (* indicates organic)

This juice detoxifies heavy metals, relieves stress and tames inflammation.


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These foods and potions act as nervine tonics, soothing your nervous system and helping to restore your body and mind to their natural states of well-being.

Foods that support the glands that produce and regulate hormones, helping to balance mood, weight, and vitality. These adaptogens are generally mild but persistent and effective; they may be taken over long periods for overall health.

These foods and potions decrease inflammation in joints, tissues, and organs, contributing to overall balance and longevity.

These foods and potions deliver a supercharged dose of sustainable energy for mental, physical, and spiritual vitality.

These foods and potions help to balance your body's pH, promoting healthy skin, immunity, and help to make your body an inhospitable environment for disease.

These foods and potions support your immune system by stimulating and supplementing your body’s inherent disease and infection fighting properties.